Friday, 21 December 2012


I've just finished work and am now officially ready to experience the magic and wonder of the Christmas holidays - and what better way is there to get into the yuletide spirit than to laboriously look over my blog posts since the beginning of the year and subject them to rigorous statistical analysis? Probably the only person on this planet who knows how to let his hair down and celebrate more than me is that legendary vice-presidential hellraiser Al Gore...

Anyway, lame jokes aside, the facts are in. I can exclusively reveal that the running total of films that I've seen since the beginning of the year is 271, which works out as an average of 5.42 films per week. Unless I make a Herculean effort to shut out the outside world over the Christmas period, it's unlikely that I'll reach the 300 mark for 2012, but I think 271 is a pretty respectable figure.

My average rating for a film is just a shade under 7 (6.93), which is perhaps a little high, given that I'm rating films out of 10. Perhaps I need to be a bit tougher next year. Statistically, the best week of the year was the 5th to the 11th of November (based on the average rating per week, and excluding weeks where I watched fewer than 3 films), with an average score of 7.67. The worst week (based on the same criteria) occurred on the week of 7th - 13th May (average score: 6).

I've set out the data for my year of movie watching into the charts and graphs below - feel free to peruse at your leisure. In order to make the experience slightly less tedious, I've embedded a link to a classic Grandaddy track...


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