Monday, 28 January 2013

A is for Awesome

My friend Colin has recently put together an alphabetical list of his favourite movies, so I thought I'd respond with my own A to Z, running all the way from Spike Jonze’s amazing Adaptation, to David Fincher’s, um, zippy Zodiac.  It was tough to come up with answers for a few of the letters, particularly J (I like Juno, but I wouldn’t normally include it amongst my all-time favourites), Q, X (this was the toughest of the lot – I was basically restricted to X-Men and X-Files movies) and V. Basically, my answers for all the letters which score highly in Scrabble can be taken with a pinch of salt.

A: Adaptation
B: The Big Lebowski
C: Chinatown
D: Dazed and Confused
E: Ed Wood
F: The Fly
G: Goodfellas
H: Heathers
I: The Ice Storm
J: Juno
K: The Killing
L: L.A. Confidential
M: Mulholland Drive
N: No Country for Old Men
O: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
P: Pulp Fiction
Q: Quadrophenia
R: Rushmore
S: The Shining
T: Taxi Driver
U: The Usual Suspects
V: Videodrome
W: Welcome to the Dollhouse
X: X-Men 2
Y: You Can Count On Me
Z: Zodiac


  1. Good stuff - although I must admit I haven't seen 19 of them. Here's my list of second favourites:

    A: Amazing Grace
    B: Back to the Future Part 2
    C: Catch Me If You Can
    D: The Descendants
    E: Empire Records
    F: A Few Good Men
    G: Garden State
    H: The Hunger Games
    I: It's A Wonderful Life
    J: Juno
    K: The Kid
    L: Life Is Beautiful
    M: My Cousin Vinny
    N: Notting Hill
    O: Once
    P: The Passion of the Christ
    Q: Quantum of Solace
    R: Romeo + Juliet
    S: The Shawshank Redemption
    T: The Truman Show
    U: Unbreakable
    V: Vertigo
    W: The Whole Nine Yards
    X: X-Men
    Y: Yes Man
    Z: Zulu

    1. Thanks Colin - another good list. I'm with you on your picks for B, F, I, J, S and X in particular. I've just posted my second favourites (A to Z) today.